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Protect my young family with an estate plan

Rest easy knowing your children will always be in the care of those they know, love, and trust- even when the unthinkable happens

Prepare for future healthcare needs with an estate plan designed specifically for seniors

A diagnosis doesn't have to mean financial ruin from devastating nursing home costs


Settle the estate of a loved one

Minimize the burden of transferring property in probate and estate set asides with our help

Plan for vulnerable family members

Prepare your special needs and troubled family members for the future with guardianship and special trusts


Apply for Medicaid

Don't go through the Medicaid application process alone, or without the help of an elder law attorney. We may be able to help you qualify without spending your remaining assets on a nursing home, and instead, on maintaining your quality of life. 

Appeal a Medicare denial

We take you through the time-consuming Medicare appeals process and help stop collection actions by hospitals and providers until Medicare pays. 


we are here for you

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