Types of Adult Guardianship in Nevada

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An adult guardian is a person who is court appointed to be legally responsible for another person, called the Protected Person.  

Guardianship laws in Nevada allow the court to appoint a guardian over the person, the estate or both the person and the estate. In the State of Nevada, guardianship over the person means the guardian is responsible for the well-being of the protected person.  

This includes making decisions about healthcare and other day-to-day matters.  Guardianship over the estate means the guardian is responsible for the protected person’s financial matters. 

Obtaining legal guardianship of an adult is important responsibility that Nevada Courts do not take lightly.  In addition to deciding whether to request guardianship over the person, estate or both, the prospective guardian must ask for either General, Temporary or Special Guardianship.  

A General guardianship is the broadest and lasts for an unspecified amount of time. A Temporary Guardianship usually lasts 6-months or less and is often used when an emergency guardianship is needed. A Special Guardianship only allows for limited powers to perform specific functions.  

If a guardianship is granted, the court will choose the least restrictive means necessary to allow the protected person to retain as much decision making as is possible. If you are in need of assistance with a Nevada guardianship petition, call our office today to speak to an attorney for a complimentary consultation.