more than just a free consultation

We are different. And this is why it's important to you. 

Many lawyers offer "free consultations." Sometimes, these are held by paralegals or other non-lawyer staff and referred to in the office as "intake meetings." If that sounds cold and sterile, that's because it is. And often, these appointments result in an expensive set of documents that will collect dust on your shelf, doing little to address your real and unique planning concerns, or result in a court proceeding that you are not comfortable with. We do things differently so that we can work with a limited number of families each month and give them the attention and time they deserve. 

Origins Planning Session.

Rather than hurry you through an initial meeting, we set aside one hour for you to meet directly with one of our attorneys so we can get to know you and learn about what is important to you family. We answer questions and discuss a plan that is tailored to you- one that you understand and benefit from immediately. 

The welcome package for estate planning clients.

This is the start of an important relationship, and we treat it like one. When you schedule your session, we provide a welcome package to prepare you to get the most from your Planning Session. Whether or not you retain us, you'll find this packet full of helpful information to organize your affairs so you can make the best decisions for your family. 

Our process.

At the Planning Session, we will learn if we are a fit for you and you for us. For those who go forward, we offer flat fees so you can feel comfortable calling our office at no extra charge any time.