Young Families. 

Your family is your most precious asset, and protecting it requires more than answering, "Who will raise my kids if the unthinkable happens?"

Instead, your plan should ensure that your children do not end up in state custody while family is located, that they are taken care of in case of divorce, and that your values and history are passed on to them. 

Your children are too important to trust to a one-size fits all document that so many estate plans provide- even at expensive law firms. 

Instead, learn why we are different, and then book your Planning Session for Young Families today. 


Many seniors prepared estate plans more than a decade ago, when they still had minor children at home, or before they had given real thought to their future health needs. Many do not realize that their existing estate plans (including having no plan at all) make them vulnerable to the exorbitant cost of nursing home care in the future. Medicare only covers 30 days of care, and the alternatives are private pay (at many thousands of dollars per month and rising) or Medicaid, which requires that the sick spouse have less than $2,000 in assets after a limited amount is allocated to the healthy spouse.  

With modern estate planning techniques, you don't have to spend all of your life savings on long term care in the future. Instead, you can maximize the likelihood of protecting your assets from devastating nursing home costs. Timing is critical because it can take as long as five years to get full protection. 

Call today to schedule a Senior Planning Session if you or your spouse may require long term care in the future (it is estimated that more than 30% will need this type of care). Most estate plans do not provide this protection. 


Your estate plan from Origins Estate & Elder Planning Center does more than dictate how your life's savings and legacy will be passed on. It can also protect your most vulnerable loved ones from difficult life experiences, like these: 

Your special needs children (or grandchildren, yet to be born) may lose their right to government benefits and care because your bequest disqualifies them. Your children may have high hopes for their marriages, but a divorce could cause them to lose their inheritance from you. A troubled child may misuse funds on addictions, or they may be preyed upon those they think they can trust. Others may be sued or accrue debts that jeopardize their inheritance. 

Your estate plan protects your legacy and your vulnerable loved ones, even once you've passed. Call for a free Special Needs Planning Session today.